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Reimagining Adventure Travel


ZAFS is a family-owned business where the directors are born and raised at the foothills of Mt.Kilimanjaro in Moshi. Being avid travellers themselves makes this is a company showcasing travel curated by travellers.


Hi there, we’re ZAFS


When the pandemic hit, travel and tourism was one of the worst affected industries as countries shut down, international travel was banned, and holidays were the last thing on peoples’ minds. During this time, the idea of generic travel had ceased business operations for multiple tour agents and travel companies around the world, due to the spread of the virus.

This made us think – while the most beautiful parts of Africa were nestled in Tanzania, most of it was commercially marketed to foreigners, whereas the local community had little exposure to proper travel experiences in their own country.

This idea, mixed with a little dedication, and the passion to cater to the locals resulted in the launch of ZAFS Tours. We believe that our ambition to present tourism in Africa in renewed light is what makes us innovators in the industry. We strive to deliver value for money, aligning our goals with the satisfaction of our customers, while ensuring that our love for travel is displayed through the quality of our service.



The scope of tourism in Africa is massive, there is a lot that the continent, and the country of Tanzania has to offer. We envision ourselves to be positioned as creators and innovators within this sphere.

Our vision is to translate our love and passion for travel through the experiences we offer, delivering transformative journeys that transcend the boundaries of traditional tourism for locals and foreigners alike. The idea is to provide a platform through which customers can collect memories, thus embodying the concept of “experience is the new currency”.

Our Mission

To revolutionize African tourism by delivering tailor-made services to our customers in order to ensure that their journey is nothing but memorable.

The scope of tourism in Africa is massive, there is a lot that the continent, and the country of Tanzania has to offer. We envision
ourselves to be positioned as creators and innovators within this sphere.

What Makes ZAFS



Willingness to Learn

Our pandemic-based start-up has faced challenging twists and turns that have transformed our practices as we grow.


Environmental Stewardship

We prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly travel to enhance our surroundings without causing harm.


Kindness & Humility

Our foundation is built on kindness and humility, and prioritises treating everyone with the utmost respect.


Local Empowerment

Empowering communities in their economic development by prioritising partnerships with locals.


Message From The Director



Our passion for showcasing the beauty of Africa, coupled with our commitment to providing authentic experiences and unwavering hospitality, drives us to always aim for excellence and operate with integrity in the tourism sector.

Huzeifa Morbiwalla

So much to see and explore



Wildlife Safari

Witness the animal kingdom in their true habitat from the air in hot air balloons or in 4×4 vehicles on road during game drives. 


Kilimanjaro Trekking

Let us take you to the top one of the seven summits and Africa’s highest peak, all whilst creating a once in a lifetime adventure. 


Zanzibar Island

Experience the tropical paradise, where pristine beaches, azure waters, and a rich cultural heritage await your exploration.


Tanzanian Experiences

In a country full of culture, history and lifestyle, don’t miss out on the hidden gems and experiences it has to offer.

Witness The Magic



Huzeifa Morbiwalla

The fearless leader of the pack, guiding ZAFS through rugged terrain to reach new heights of success.


Ryder E. Sirikwa

The navigator for your perfect adventure, making sure every step of the journey is paw-some.


John Nzanaki

The trailblazing expert who maps out the route to ensure a roaring good time on our safaris and treks.


Experience is the new currency



Fully Transparent

As one of our core values, we aim to be honest and transparent with the work we do and for the clients we provide for. We keep our licenses in check and do what we can for the empowerment of our local community.


Fair Wages

ZAFS wouldn’t be able to operate as it does without the crew as it’s backbone and in our efforts to appreciate this we only offer good salaries.


No Compromises

Our priority will always be to give our clients the highest quality gear from our store, delicious cooked meals on the mountain and fully stocked medical kit to our trained WFR guides.


No Suprises

Our services are priced with 90% inclusions so you can avoid any last minute add ons for a hassle-free trip.


Flexible Payment

We understand a trip like this can be a great investment financially and so we would like you to travel with 100% confidence and know we will try to be as flexible when possible.




ZAFS Tours and IndiaHikes have formed a partnership that allows adventure enthusiasts to trek Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, with the support of experienced guides and trekking specialists. With ZAFS Tours' expertise in safari tours and trekking and IndiaHikes' reputation as a leading trekking organisation in India, clients can expect a seamless and unforgettable experience.