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Zafs Giving Back
To The Community


Apart from restoring, securing and safeguarding unique wilderness areas and wildlife, ZAFS strives to build strong community partnerships with our many neighbouring villages, and to assist them to thrive economically and socially.

Our dedicated initiatives across all regions include a strong focus on education and range from Early Childhood Development to onsite environmental education for school groups, academic bursaries and scholarships, digital learning opportunities for remote villages, English classes and adult bridging courses – as well as gender empowerment for woman and girls. We also support small and medium enterprise development and livelihoods such as smallholder agricultural cooperatives that supply to our lodges, honey production, and local arts and crafts.

How can we do more good?

Our approach to Community

Provide education opportunities

This can take the form of training programs that teach local people new skills needed for the tourism industry, or other forms of educational initiatives.

Buy local products and services

By sourcing food, accommodation, and other supplies from local businesses, we want to see the small business owners thrive for the boost in local economy.

Donate to community projects

ZAFS aims to empower by funding for school supplies and support for community initiatives that promote environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Hiring local support staff

By hiring local guides, porters, and other support staff, ZAFS can help boost the local economy and provide a livelihood to the people who live in the area.