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Journey to the Roof of Africa


Reaching the summit at Uhuru Peak is a goal for many but venture
on this adventure having the #ZAFSEXPERIENCE along the way.

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Join groups and create lifelong friends or embark on a private trek, the choice is yours! We offer fully customisable itineraries.

Transformative Experience

At ZAFS we see this expedition as more than just reaching the summit, but rather as a platform for self-retrospection and transformation – forever changing lives for the better.

High Standards Of Health & Safety

On the mountain, you’ll have daily health checks conducted by our guides that have undergone Wilderness First Responder training

In-House Quality Gear

We have personally vetted and sourced for our quality mountain gear available to you from our in-house rental store – Gilmans Outdoor Store

Embark on an unforgettable journey


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Interesting facts

ABOUT Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa’s tallest peak creates an instantly recognisable silhouette, rising all alone from the acacia forests and scrublands at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. At 5,895m, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain can certainly seem imposing but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Highest mountain peak on the African continent 

Glaciers exist even when the mountain lies on the equator

3 volcanic cones; Mawenzi, Shira and Kibo (dormant)

One of the seven summits

Five distinct ecological zones

What To Pack For Your hike?

Packing your Kilimanjaro kit is one of the most important steps on the way to a successful climb.

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How To Train For Kilmanjaro?

Training is a very simple concept, it is all about progressively increasing your body’s ability to do just that little bit more

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Safety and preparation

Killimanjaro Routes

Machame Route

Duration: 6/7 Days

Marangu Route

Duration: 5/6 Days

Lemosho Route

Duration: 7/8 Days

Rongai Route

Duration: 6/7 Days

Shira Route

Duration: 6/7 Days

Umbwe Route

Duration: 6 Days

Northern Circuit

Duration: 9 Days

Don’t take our word for it


My review It was one of the best experience I have ever had, it was absolutely amazing and worth it, amazing sights, fabulous foods and great way to enjoy life with friends
Kilimanjaro trekking It was an amazing experience,trekking was superb,guides and porters was so friendly.I really enjoyed with zafs tours thank you so much.I would like to recommend zafs tours to who is planning to do Kilimanjaro
Prodigious Team | Breathtaking Views I had planned to trek Kilimanjaro one month before my trip. Nothing to do with organisers but spot decision from my side, I would say, I was never disappointed or regret the last minute mind make up I did. It was a fantastically organised trek,, they had lot more flexibility and the hosts were amazing.. food throughout the trek was at its best. Kudos to the team.
Ashutosh N
Ashutosh N
Amazing ! Startling ! Overwhelming Support Team ! The summit to Kilimanjaro was no way possible for me unless until I was guided by John and team . Special kudos to these guys - the way they organized, the detailed briefing sessions, the incredible support staff, delicious food, the helpful porters. If it were not for Mariki - a member of John's team I believe I wouldn't have been able to summit the Uhuru peak. I would recommend ZAFS/John to anyone who is planning to summit Kilimanjaro. They really do ensure that you reach the heights. Not to forget that John & team made us enjoy the journey throughout !
Atop Kilimanjaro Uhuru peak We went for Kilimanjaro Summit in August 2023. 17 of us travelled to Kilimanjaro through India Hikes who are partners with ZAFS to organise end to end support for this exciting climb to the summit. The ZAFS team is such a wonderful bunch of people that they made this entire climb look so easy. The team is very knowledgeable about the entire terrain and guided us on how to go Pole-Pole, one step at a time so as not to get tired during the steep climb and long trekking route. The stay arrangements in tents, the lunch arrangements and the food throughout had been great. The entire team is so jovial, fun loving and helpful. They were always helping the team at every step and even carried the backpacks of few team members who were too tired on long days. Thank you John and thank you entire ZAFS team in making this trip so fun, safe and memorable for all of us. I would definitely recommend your team to many of my friends from India who wish to scale the Kilimanjaro peak.
Yusuf M
Yusuf M
A Dream come true holiday It’s simply amazing Management, organization , hospitality, fun- everything powerpacked Stay was very exotic All the luxuries amidst the jungle, for me and my family , a dream come true holiday Our guide was very good n caring n jolly
Pam B
Pam B
Loved Our Guides! "Moo" and Juma, our driver and guide, respectively, were just great. So enthusiastic, informative, always on time and well-pressed! Our time in Zanzibar was only pleasant because of these two. Moo was an exceptionally good driver, courteous and safe, in very challenging conditions. Juma was caring and helped us arrange last-minute tour options. This is a first-rate tour agency!
Husain Khambaty
Husain Khambaty
Exhilarating experience climbing Mt Kili with ZAFS We engaged ZAFS about 6 months in advance while scouting for travel agencies. As we were really new to the region and never visited Tanzania, it was a bit of task to select the right tour company as you will find heaps of options with a range of offers and prices. ZAFS came not only recommended from friends and family but were thoroughly professional, patient and accomodating during our enquiries and throughout the trip. We took the 7 day Lemosho route to climb Mt Kili. The team provided by ZAFS were well trained, with excellent hospitality, surpassing our every expectation from meals, to setting up tents before we arrive at the next camp site, cruising through the difficult terrains making it look easy. From 3 course meal options to clean drinking water and clean toilets, being environmentally sustainable by providing us personal thrash bags to collect thrash on our way, some fantastic entertainment on our way with singing and dancing (optional but highly uplifting especially after a days climb). ZAFS trek leaders were exceptionally patient, understood every hikers strengths and weaknesses and ensured we met our end goal. They at times went out of their way to carry our day packs just to get through some rough terrain. They also help in recommending and reviewing your gear to make your climb seamless. Highly recommend ZAFS to help meet your bucket list in Tanzania.
Lemosho + safari ❤️ We booked a 2 week itinerary with ZAFS consisting of the 7 day Lemosho route and a 3 day safari. Huezeifa was our point of contact months before our trip and was patient to answer all of our questions. His advice was extremely valuable to pack all the essentials for our trip. The trip itself was fantastically organized, we had all the information in the right time and the ZAFS team was also available to us for any questions during the trip. The guides and the rest of the crew that ZAFS works with really knew their stuff, they were professional and a lot of fun to climb the mountain with. Their help and expertise was instrumental at getting us to the top of Africa 🙂.
Burhanuddin Alladin
Burhanuddin Alladin
My incredible experience with ZAFS TOURS One of the best professional tour operators. Highly recommended! Their service to their hospitality was absolutely top-notch. The Food was just superb despite the conditions on the mountain. As per our request they also arranged a surprise birthday party. Their guides and porters were very helpful, friendly and caring. Their moral support helped me alot during the entire trip especially during the summit. Their tents are very warm, clean, well maintained and comfortable. I really enjoyed this adventurous trip with them as they made it an incredible experience! Would definitely recommend ZAFS TOURS for anyone looking to conquer Roof of Africa (Mt Kilimanjaro)! Looking forward with more trips with them!

Health & Safety


Twice daily health checks

Daily health checks are an essential part of the climbing journey. Your guide will measure your pulse and bodily oxygen level every morning and evening on the trek. No matter how well you feel, it is important these checks are done.

WFR-certified mountain guides

As well as the training we provide on health and safety all our head guides are Wilderness First Responder trained so you can be rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands.

Quality mountain equipment

Having an in-house mountain equipment store means we have hand-picked all the quality equipment for our clients, from four season tents to lightweight yet warm sleeping bags. Having an in-house mountain equipment store means we have hand-picked all the quality equipment for our clients, from four season tents to lightweight yet warm sleeping bags.

Oximeters on every expedition

High altitude trekking means a change in your body oxygen levels. Our guides will carry oximeters so they/you can regularly monitor these levels. They will also be equipped with oxygen cylinders in case of any emergencies.

Fully stocked medical kit

Our medical kits will be stocked with common medications for the disorders associated with high altitude such as nausea, diarrhoea and headaches as well as medical equipment for first aid purposes. These kits are checked before every trek by a UK registered pharmacist.

Delicious balanced meals

We don’t compromise on tasty but healthy food even on the mountain. Our trained chefs will make sure you get the energy you need for your climbing adventure.

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Frequently asked questions

  • During the trek, ZAFS climbers sleep in three-person, four-season, dome-style mountain tents, with two people per tent. Everyone eats in the mess tent. There’s also a private ZAFS  toilet tent provided in all packages.

  • Yes, we encourage both solo and group travellers to sign up for our trips! If you’re travelling on your own, we will put you with a bigger group of like-minded fellow travellers who will soon become your new friends and you’ll leave the mountain as family!

  • Bottled oxygen is available on our climbs and included in the price of the trip, so we don’t charge extra for it. The most immediate treatment for serious altitude sickness is rapid descent, which is always possible on Mount Kilimanjaro. Virtually no climbers on the mountain carry oxygen. If upon reaching the final campsite before the ascent your guide judges you to have serious symptoms of altitude sickness, you will not be permitted to attempt the final climb. Oxygen may be available on an emergency basis, but not as an aid for climbers who have not acclimatised adequately on their own.

No one is forced to go on. There is always enough staff to split the group according to needs and regroup later at the camp. Most people have no trouble reaching the highest campsite. If some party members decide not to climb the final distance to the peak or cannot proceed at any point in time, they can wait for the other group climbers to come back or can go down with a guide following the same way or take a lateral path to the descent route.

  • You will have enough drinkable water during the trip. To keep your system running normally, we recommend you bring two bottles and use tablets to purify water. We provide boiled, filtered, purified water to our climbers at all times.