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Journey to the Roof of Africa


Reaching the summit at Uhuru Peak is a goal for many but venture
on this adventure having the #ZAFSEXPERIENCE along the way.

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Join groups and create lifelong friends or embark on a private trek, the choice is yours! We offer fully customisable itineraries.

Transformative Experience

At ZAFS we see this expedition as more than just reaching the summit, but rather as a platform for self-retrospection and transformation – forever changing lives for the better.

High Standards Of Health & Safety

On the mountain, you’ll have daily health checks conducted by our guides that have undergone Wilderness First Responder training

In-House Quality Gear

We have personally vetted and sourced for our quality mountain gear available to you from our in-house rental store – Gilmans Outdoor Store

Embark on an unforgettable journey


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Interesting facts

ABOUT Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa’s tallest peak creates an instantly recognisable silhouette, rising all alone from the acacia forests and scrublands at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. At 5,895m, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain can certainly seem imposing but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Highest mountain peak on the African continent 

Glaciers exist even when the mountain lies on the equator

3 volcanic cones; Mawenzi, Shira and Kibo (dormant)

One of the seven summits

Five distinct ecological zones

What To Pack For Your hike?

Packing your Kilimanjaro kit is one of the most important steps on the way to a successful climb.

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How To Train For Kilmanjaro?

Training is a very simple concept, it is all about progressively increasing your body’s ability to do just that little bit more

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Safety and preparation

Killimanjaro Routes

Machame Route

Duration: 6/7 Days

Marangu Route

Duration: 5/6 Days

Lemosho Route

Duration: 7/8 Days

Rongai Route

Duration: 6/7 Days

Shira Route

Duration: 6/7 Days

Umbwe Route

Duration: 6 Days

Northern Circuit

Duration: 9 Days

Don’t take our word for it


Amazing Highly recommend ZAFS tours! I'm diabetic type 1 and every one always helped me when my bloodsugar went to low. Pro and amazing people 🖤
Amazing care Myself and my cousin went on for this route, Zafs has done excellent job in handling us right from the start till end. A special mention to our guides John and Neyman, who took care of us at every step we made on the route. They were very patience answering everything we asked and followed us like shadows. Amazing 👏
Amazing Experience with ZAFS! Amazing time spent on Kilimanjaro with whole ZAFS team. Everything was excellent, guides, porters and food! Highly recommend!
Charmaine D
Charmaine D
Unforgettable experience at Kilimanjaro Zafs team one and all definitely exceeded my expectations in all aspects from day 1 to the last. Food was delicious. Toilets were spotless . Guides were outstanding and personal . Zafs team is highly recommended ❤️
Best in town Best team in town. Guys you can blindly go with this team. The whole team was really kind , they will take care of everyone like a family member. The guides they all well experienced and they are the best.
Skywalker 49
Skywalker 49
A very good tour operator based in Moshi We had a really nice 'Materuni Waterfalls & Coffee Plantation' tour with ZAFS from Moshi. Good organization, good price and a friendly and well English-speaking tour guide. We can really recommend ZAF.
Shreenath Muthyala
Shreenath Muthyala
Glad we chose ZAFS ZAFS Tours exceeded all expectations during our Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition, thanks to their outstanding team of guides—Amani, Faruq, Mussa, and Majumba. The service was truly exceptional from start to finish. The guides demonstrated unparalleled care throughout the journey. Their attention to our well-being, health, and safety was remarkable. They went above and beyond, ensuring we were acclimatizing properly, providing timely reminders for hydration, and keeping a close eye on our overall comfort. A special mention goes to Amani, Faruq, Mussa, and Majumba for their genuine concern and support during challenging moments. The food provided on the mountain was both nourishing and delicious, surpassing typical trekking expectations. The guides ensured dietary preferences and restrictions were considered, making the dining experience on Kilimanjaro an unexpected highlight. It felt like a home-cooked meal at high altitudes. One notable instance of their exceptional service was when, on summit night, we realized we had forgotten our windbreakers. The guides swiftly arranged replacements on the spot, displaying not only their preparedness but also their dedication to ensuring our comfort and safety during the most crucial part of the trek. The camaraderie and fun shared with the guides made the journey memorable. They brought a lively spirit to the expedition, creating an atmosphere that turned strangers into a close-knit group. Their professionalism was evident in every aspect of the trek, fostering an environment that balanced adventure with safety. Huzeifa, the owner of ZAFS Tours, played a pivotal role in orchestrating this seamless experience. His attention to detail, commitment to customer satisfaction, and hands-on approach to managing the operation were evident throughout. Accommodations both before and after the trek were comfortable and well-organized, adding a touch of luxury to bookend the rugged adventure. By the end of the expedition, the group, including the guides and Huzeifa, felt like one big family. The bonds formed during the trek were a testament to the warmth and hospitality of ZAFS Tours. The combination of professionalism, personalized care, and a genuine passion for their work made this Mt. Kilimanjaro experience truly exceptional. ZAFS Tours has set the bar high for adventure tourism, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking an unforgettable trekking experience.
Prag S
Prag S
MAGNIFICENT KILLIMANJARO with ZAFS We had an incredible 7 day Lemosho trip for a group of 6 of us. Zafs took care of everything & supported us in every way before, after & in the trip. There were moments when things were hard-they had prepared us for these times. They were aware of our limitations and our needs & were next to us when we needed them. I couldn’t have got to the top without our guides John, Gabriel & Janeth. And the porters & chef-what can I say-they carry all that gear on their backs & always smiling. They are real heros. The food they carry & prepare was excellent. The toilet tent was never a ‘no go’ zone! They chatted with us & taught me so much about Tanzania that I didn’t know previously. I wish I could have stayed longer to explore more of this beautiful country. I will definitely come back to see more. I would highly recommend Zafs. 🙏🏽 Asante
UNFORGETTABLE LEMOSHO ROUTE: 8 DAYS I CAN WITH THE UTMOST JOYOUS HEART SAY THAT THIS WAS THE BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE SO FAR WITH ZAFS TOURS. Teary and emotional as i type this, I Went on the trip solo and left with 17 new friends and met the most amazing team of guides and management. From start to finish, the service was outstanding, ensuring every aspect of the journey was seamless. The guides were knowledgeable and attentive, making me feel safe and supported throughout the trek. They made sure I summit. The food provided was not only delicious but also exceeded my expectations for mountain cuisine. OH AND THEY EVEN BAKED FRESH CAKE ON THE MOUNTAIN FOR A BIRTHDAY!! Most importantly, the memories created during this adventure are ones I will cherish forever. Thank you, ZAFS TOURS, for an unforgettable experience <3 I RELIVE and revisit memories of this trip & moments from it everyday.
Excellent service! I heard about Zafs tour via a Youtube vlogger and they were as good as advertised: their drivers and guides were professional, kind, courteous and patient and made sure I had a safe and enjoyable journey. I enjoyed the conversations with them and my transfers were smooth.

Health & Safety


Twice daily health checks

Daily health checks are an essential part of the climbing journey. Your guide will measure your pulse and bodily oxygen level every morning and evening on the trek. No matter how well you feel, it is important these checks are done.

WFR-certified mountain guides

As well as the training we provide on health and safety all our head guides are Wilderness First Responder trained so you can be rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands.

Quality mountain equipment

Having an in-house mountain equipment store means we have hand-picked all the quality equipment for our clients, from four season tents to lightweight yet warm sleeping bags. Having an in-house mountain equipment store means we have hand-picked all the quality equipment for our clients, from four season tents to lightweight yet warm sleeping bags.

Oximeters on every expedition

High altitude trekking means a change in your body oxygen levels. Our guides will carry oximeters so they/you can regularly monitor these levels. They will also be equipped with oxygen cylinders in case of any emergencies.

Fully stocked medical kit

Our medical kits will be stocked with common medications for the disorders associated with high altitude such as nausea, diarrhoea and headaches as well as medical equipment for first aid purposes. These kits are checked before every trek by a UK registered pharmacist.

Delicious balanced meals

We don’t compromise on tasty but healthy food even on the mountain. Our trained chefs will make sure you get the energy you need for your climbing adventure.

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Frequently asked questions

  • During the trek, ZAFS climbers sleep in three-person, four-season, dome-style mountain tents, with two people per tent. Everyone eats in the mess tent. There’s also a private ZAFS  toilet tent provided in all packages.

  • Yes, we encourage both solo and group travellers to sign up for our trips! If you’re travelling on your own, we will put you with a bigger group of like-minded fellow travellers who will soon become your new friends and you’ll leave the mountain as family!

  • Bottled oxygen is available on our climbs and included in the price of the trip, so we don’t charge extra for it. The most immediate treatment for serious altitude sickness is rapid descent, which is always possible on Mount Kilimanjaro. Virtually no climbers on the mountain carry oxygen. If upon reaching the final campsite before the ascent your guide judges you to have serious symptoms of altitude sickness, you will not be permitted to attempt the final climb. Oxygen may be available on an emergency basis, but not as an aid for climbers who have not acclimatised adequately on their own.

No one is forced to go on. There is always enough staff to split the group according to needs and regroup later at the camp. Most people have no trouble reaching the highest campsite. If some party members decide not to climb the final distance to the peak or cannot proceed at any point in time, they can wait for the other group climbers to come back or can go down with a guide following the same way or take a lateral path to the descent route.

  • You will have enough drinkable water during the trip. To keep your system running normally, we recommend you bring two bottles and use tablets to purify water. We provide boiled, filtered, purified water to our climbers at all times.